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The exercise 100% adapted to you and your goals.

Exercise works like a medicine - its dosage is essential for the results you will get. Exercises that are too easy may not bring any benefit, while exercises that are too demanding may have undesired effects. Choosing the best exercises for your case is the great advantage of an individualized workout.

It is scientifically proven that Pilates is highly beneficial for spinal problems, such as low back and cervical pain. This is also true for other types of problems such as osteoarthritis in the knees and hips, fibromyalgia, parkinson's disease, among many others. The benefits of Pilates also extend to anyone who wants to stay active and healthy, being perfectly adaptable to special conditions such as pregnancy and the elderly.

At FisioAjuda, you can enjoy individualized pilates sessions with the guidance of a specialized physiotherapist. This, at the beginning of the first session, will assess your physical and health condition, in order to establish an exercise plan 100% suitable for you. During the sessions, the exercises will be fully monitored by the physiotherapist who will guarantee the correct execution of the exercises and their adequate progression.

O exercício físico pode substituir muitos medicamentos.png

Classes last 50 minutes and are guided by a specialized physical therapist.


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Renato Abreu

"I highly recommend the classes!"


Madalena Borges

"Pilates was fundamental in the evolution of my pregnancy."


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Pain in the lower back.

We recommend:

- Prevention: Pilates

- Acute pain: Physiotherapy and/or Osteopathy

- Persistent pain: Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and/or Pilates.

€35 per session

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